Welcome Guests From Forestry Capacity Cooperation Of B&R Countries To Visit HOLD

  • By:HOLD
  • Date:2020/03/12

In the morning of November 14, 2019, a 40-member joint delegation of 13 national business officials of “Belt and Road” Countries visited our HOLD CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. and conducted a comprehensive & indepth visit to our company.


It is reported that the delegation was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the National Forestry and Prairie Bureau Bamboo Research and Development Center, which is called 2019 “Belt and Road” National Forestry Capacity Cooperation Officials Seminar. In this inspection, there are 36 participants from 13 countries including Pakistan, North Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, Egypt, Burundi, Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Brazil, Cuba and Vanuatu etc., they are officials, researchers and entrepreneurs, etc. in the fields of forestry, agriculture, environment, tourism, industry and trade and resources etc.

Mr. Liu Jingsheng, the general manager of HOLD CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., and related personnel received the visitors.


Firstly, the delegation visited the production workshop of our company to see the processing of the original plate through our CNC cutting machine, drilling machine, automatic edge banding machine, etc., and finally became the whole process of the required panel. Then we showed how the cabinets were assembled by the panels, the working status of the machine and the processing precision of the machine in a very clear way, which are very impressed the foreign VIPs. During the workshop visit, the members of the seminar carefully observed in the mechanical display area, and repeatedly studied the finished panels in the hands, and inquired in detail about the production process, quality inspection process, production technology of our CNC woodworking machinery. The technical staff of our company answered the questions raised by the foreign guests patiently.



After that, the relevant personnel of our company held a symposium with the members of the seminar. At the meeting, the VIPs first watched the company introduction and product introduction video about our HOLD CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., and then our general manager Mr. Liu Jingsheng gave a speech. Mr. Liu first expressed his warm welcome to the inspection of the seminar. And then make a statement about the import and export trade data from the first three quarters of this year, the status quo of China’s woodworking machinery industry, the social responsibility of our HOLD CNC Machinery for many years, positive reponse of HOLD CNC Machinery to the “Belt and Road”,and HOLD Global Collaborative Production etc. to introduce the current situation and future layout of our company. We also expressed our hopes for the “Belt and Road” and hope to develop together with friends from all over the world for collaboration and win-win.

Finally, Mr. Liu answered the questions raised by the foreign guests one by one. Then our relevant leaders and the foreign guests had an in-depth communication, exchanged opinions and expressed their willingness for cooperation.



Under the current complicated international trade situation, the development of foreign trade of enterprises has encountered many difficulties, but it has also caught up with the good opportunity and received strong support from the national policy. In recent years, our HOLD CNC Machinery has actively responded to the national “One Belt, One Road” and “going out” development strategies and strived to open up overseas markets. Nowadays, the vast woodworking machinery market along the 'Belt and Road' has a lot to offer. Many of our high-quality products of our CNC Machinery can go abroad and invest in local production and construction. We hope that we can strengthen business communication with the countries along the Belt and Road, looking for opportunities for mutual cooperation to develop our CNC machinery overseas market business step by step, steady and steady.







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