Discussion on the Numerical Control Rate of CNC Drilling Machine to be Further Promoted

  • By:HOLD
  • Date:2020/03/13

At present, the vast majority of CNC boring machine used in our country is the common NC drilling machine. General CNC boring machine, a large number of security issues highlighted. Therefore, the security problem has become a major obstacle to the development of its development. Increase safety performance, improve the level of the essential safety of CNC drilling machine, to solve the problem of low degree of numerical control, personnel injury accidents, safety level is low, production efficiency is not high.

CNC drilling machine to complete the transformation of CNC, CNC drilling machine can greatly improve the processing efficiency and automation, the degree of intelligence. It reduces the possibility of the operator to contact the dangerous position. The operating system and the operation interface are more and more accord with the requirement of human engineering. It can effectively reduce the error rate of the operator and reduce the accident caused by the mistake. NC drilling machine NC transformation, the safety performance was improved obviously, the accident rate is reduced significantly, will bring enormous benefit of safety.

Discussion on the Numerical Control Rate of CNC Drilling Machine to be Further Promoted

Reduce the cost of CNC drilling machine, improve the processing efficiency.

Compared with the acquisition of new CNC boring machine, CNC drilling machine, especially the large, special CNC drilling machine is especially obvious. General large CNC drilling machine transformation, only new CNC drilling machine acquisition costs of 1/3. At the same time, it can save the energy consumption and pollution emission by the whole process.

According to the experience of the transformation of ordinary CNC drilling machine, CNC drilling machine efficiency increased significantly. Originally a CNC drilling machine requires a person to control, after the transformation of a worker can control two CNC drilling machine. At the same time, precision CNC drilling machine modification processing is greatly improved, caused by human error rejection rate decreased significantly. At the same time, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, the labor force is saved, the trial period of new product and production cycle are shortened, and the economic benefit is brought to the enterprise.

From the mature experience of foreign countries, it is the most effective way to reuse the CNC drilling machine. Reforming of NC NC drilling machine is the use of technology innovation and technological transformation combined, transformation of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries combined, focused and to enhance the combination, and will promote the safety in production as the technological transformation of key tasks. In China, the manufacturing sector has just emerged, the market is huge.






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