4 Steps of CNC Panel Saw Test

  • By:HOLD
  • Date:2020/03/13

CNC cutting saw adjustment to achieve precision, can be energized test.

1. Before running the rotation of the handle, the handle, check the triangle and other transmission mechanism has no influence on its function. Before the official operation should be a dynamic test, to confirm the correct direction, before the saw blade into the normal use.

2. With a platelet test sawing, the zoned off, try saw slot rotation machine on the right side of the handle of scoring saw blade and the main blade of coincidence degree.

4 Steps of CNC Panel Saw Test

3. Pulling and rotating worktable end stopping bolt, work stations can move into the ground were back to both ends of the mounting for the main blade and the lineation saw blade.

4. Scoring saw blade using the trapezoidal blade, the height adjustment of scoring saw blade, the cutting width of the scoring saw blade slightly wider Yu main saw blade cutting width, adjust the height of the main saw blade, serrated wheel top exposed around the workpiece about 7mm. Plate flatness error is larger, should use the combination type line saw blade adjustment to achieve a slightly wider than the purpose of the main blade, the adjustment must be confirmed after the adjustment of the position, can be produced.

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